Weber and the New Girl in Town

I want you to meet my new love. She’s a 20 something smoker from gulf coast Florida. I went down there a couple weekends ago on a fishing trip and when I saw her I could not come home without her. Her name is “Sally”.  She had been sitting there so long it took both me and my buddy to persuade her get her in my truck.  A couple of chains with a come-along and we were heading back to Atlanta.

Picnic rubbed with mustard and then applied McCormick rib rub. First time using this brand of rub.

Smoking at night in the rain. Pretty sexy.

She’s running about the perfect temperature now. 180-200 degrees for a long slow smoking.

After 12 hours in a long low temp smoke. The picnic is wrapped well in foil and returned to the smoker for the last 8 hours.

In the last leg I jack up the temp to help break down the collagen. Most people think the meat is done before this step. True it’s cooked but it’s not done and tender.

Our first time together wasn’t all that bad. The conversation was light and not much needed to be said. We both knew what we wanted.  Smoke rings in the dark.

After 18 solid hours and smoking like a freight train we finally sat down to enjoy our first picnic together. It wasn’t a bad first date but we’ve got to spend some more time together to understand what’s going to work.

It’s going to be tough to resist going back to the Weber kettle and the perfections I’ve enjoyed there.  I’ll still see Weber on the side but I will not rest until my new love and I reach that same level of perfection.

I expect this is going to be a real fine relationship as long as Weber doesn’t find out.

Closing the damper,


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