Tweet Sauce

“If I was ever a Dad, I’d have my own BBQ sauce!”

During the democratic debate, I was trolling twitter looking to entertain myself with pithy political comments that I would use with friends the following day.  Sure, there was plenty to choose from but the unexpected came across my feed as if divine intervention.

Tweet about BBQEven when I’m not consciously thinking about BBQ I suppose my sub-conscious is.  I’m not sure why this one tweet from @DirttGrub showed up in my feed of #demdebate tweets but there it was like a message from the holy of holies.

True, I am a dad.  Dad to a 16 and 18 year old so I think I’ve earned my stripes to be called a dad.  But was I a dad in the eyes of my BBQ brethren?  I can smoke the deuce out of a picnic or Boston butt.  I can put on a BBQ spread that would intimidate the best of the best but realizing I did not have my own sauce was crushing and demoralizing.

It never even occurred to me that part of being a dad and a BBQ pit master was having my own sauce.  I’ve always gone with the “off the shelf” option and now I’m ashamed to admit that.

So, starting today I am on a quest to develop my own sauce recipe!

I’m going to start with a good sauce that I recently enjoyed at a family reunion.  After enjoying a couple of pulled pork sandwiches with this sauce I began to inquire of it’s origins.  It was pretty good.  Sweet, light, and not overpowering to the meat it was to compliment.

It came from a cookbook produced by “The Pirate’s House“.  This is a longstanding establishment in the heart of Savannah, GA.  Not known for BBQ but rather seafood as you might imagine.

What makes a good sauce? See, I think that’s the thing. You gotta ask yourself if you’re enjoying the meat or the sauce.  You can put a great sauce on opossum road kill and someone is going to say it’s the best BBQ they’ve ever had.

I’m starting this journey to develop my “tweet sauce” today (name subject to change).  My goal is to develop a recipe that will be passed down from generation to generation.  A sauce that compliments the meat and does not itself become the reason to be called BBQ.

If you have suggestions for an alternative starting point or a recipe you’d like to share, please comment.  Check back for updates on how my tweet sauce is coming along.  Who knows, it may be for sale right here one day.