This BBQ was totally righteous, dude . . .

Summer is a hard time to get the brotherhood together, so once again Brother Taters and I found ourselves as the sole, devoted BBQ fanatics. We really want more people to try DBA BBQ together, so Taters and I called an audible (hope this one works out better than our last audible . . . ) “Let’s go to Righteous ‘Que in East Cobb” Brother Taters says. “Rock on” says Brother Fixin’s.

I’m not sure why after all of our trips to places like Dave Poe’s, Sam’s, and Community Q my heart sinks a little when I pull into a shopping center for BBQ. But there I was in a Publix shopping center on Piedmont Road in East Cobb.  I had never even heard of this place, so maybe that’s why I was having trouble keeping hope alive. But that, my friends, is why you actually walk in and order anyway.

There was a buzz inside, and patrons were continually coming in and out of the place. As I was walking in, one gentleman who had just arrived asked if we had been before. We said no, and he began gushing about how everything was great. That’s a good sign, but I’ve heard that story before. Taters and I divided and conquered – I ordered the ribs, and he ordered the brisket and pulled pork combo. I knew there was no way Righteous ‘Que’s ribs could compare to DAS BBQ, but that’s ok. They could still be good.

Ribs, mac & cheese, and Brunswick stew. A perfect combination.

And they were – great! Ordered alongside the mac & cheese and Brunswick stew, I hit the jackpot. The ribs were damn near perfect. They came right off the bone, and had a really nice smoky flavor. The mac & cheese could have been a little tangier, but I loved the cavatappi pasta choice, and it certainly had enough cheese. Finally, the Brunswick stew was the best I’ve had. It was mostly meat, and had a nice kick of heat at the end. You know how if you stop eating something that is spicy it just gets worse so you keep eating it to keep the heat at bay for as long as possible? That was the stew – phenomenal.

Brother Taters ordered the brisket, mac & cheese, and Brunswick stew. Both the pork and brisket were good, as advertised (you can see from the picture how juicy the brisket was!) Taters wasn’t as big a fan of the Brunswick stew as I was, but agrees that the mac & cheese was very good. Each plate comes with toasted texas toast, with some butter and garlic thrown in for good measure. It may have been better suited for a plate of spaghetti, but it still worked with the BBQ.

We arrived at the final scoring from different angles but agree that Righteous ‘Que is definitely worth 4 cleavers!!!

4 Cleavers