The Parking Lot Don’t Lie

If your family is like mine, this time of year we make the annual trek to Ellijay, GA for the Apple Festival. Honestly, we usually go

the weekend AFTER the Festival ends to avoid traffic and the crowds. Heading up I-575 after getting a start too late for breakfast but too early for lunch, by the time we got to Jasper we were starving. You know there has to be some good BBQ up this way, so when we saw the first sign for Davis Bar-B-Que we blindly obeyed.

First of all it was right at high noon, but I actually blew right by the place because there were no cars. One of the two busiest traffic weekends for this part of the state, and there were maybe 3 cars in the lot. Above the clamor of grumbling stomachs I started to ask if we should keep driving, but I knew my family would have pimp-slapped me if I suggested we go any further, so I pulled into the parking lot. We walked in and it looked like Cracker Barrell’s bastard child had thrown up. I wondered “where is the restaurant?” Well kind of stuck right over in the middle of it all, of course!

My wife actually thought it was kind of cute, and for a country store I guess it was, but I wasn’t looking for a country store. I was looking for a BBQ joint! The sandwich board announced the Sheriff’s Plate: Ribs, Pork, & Stew for $11.99. Perfect – let’s move past the decor and get on with the eatin’.

Hmmmmm! I'll have that!

Hmmmmm! I’ll have that!

As usual, I asked what they are known for, is there anything they have that a lot of BBQ places don’t have, etc. “Not really,” the waitress said. “Maybe the fried cornbread.” OK – thanks? So I ordered a plate of that along with the Sheriff’s Plate.
Well, the pulled pork wasn’t horrible. “And that’s all I have to say about that.” The fried cornbread was not what I expected, and although it tasted ok, you could have put syrup on it and I wouldn’t have know it wasn’t a pancake.

Davis Bar-B-Que's Fried Cornbread

Davis Bar-B-Que’s Fried Cornbread

I won’t discuss the ribs – yeesh. And as an afterthought they threw a slightly squooshed, semi-hard bbq bun on my plate. Thanks again? My family said the potato salad was really good, but they didn’t comment on the turnip greens. Oh – I almost forgot I tried the baked beans (nice try Dr. Freud but unfortunately I remembered). I’m not sure what was in them. Seriously. No clue. Drain cleaner? And finally the stew. Oh sweet, beautiful stew, you funny little thing you! Ummmm . . . see Brother Cracklin’s blog about Daddy D’z. Loser, loser, chicken snoozer. Tasty? Yes. Brunswick Stew? No.

I’ll just have to cut it short now – I just can’t say anything else nice about it. But I’ve heard Wendy’s is now serving a BBQ sandwich, and if you are thinking of going to Davis, save your gas money and just go to Wendy’s. It can’t be any worse.

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