The Brotherhood Doth Speakest!!!

The first ever meeting of the Brotherhood occurred on Friday November 5 at Fox Brothers. Everyone raved about the food, and we had an absolute blast. Brothers Cracklin’ and Fixin’s were joined by pledges Doodles, Pork Fat, and Timmy the BBQ Nomad. You can tell who the pledges are – they are the ones not even looking at the camera!  Newbies!!!! Reviews on Fox Brothers to follow very shortly – sorry for the delay but a thing called year-end rush at our day jobs and Thanksgiving got in the way.

3 pledges are on their way to becoming brothers-in-slaw!!

3 pledges are on their way to becoming brothers-in-slaw!!

Don’t forget – after 3 “meetings” and one review (Pledge Pork Fat’s review will be posted shortly), brothers receive the highly coveted cleaver lapel pin! Mark your calendars for this Friday, December 4 at Pig-n-Chik on Roswell Road!  Hope to see you there!

Happy Thanksgiving! Brother Fixin’s

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  • Thank you sir. May I have another?!?!? What a great kickoff meeting and to already have 3 pledges puts a little smoke in my eyes. Can’t wait for December 3rd. Hopefully we’ll have a couple more interested prospects. See y’all then!