Grand Champion BBQ

Southern Pride at Grand Champion BBQ

As in the Southern Pride 700!!!!  A stainless steel, gas AND wood-burning, industrial smoker for cooking perfect BBQ. Do I care that’s it’s not 100% wood burning? I might if I didn’t know that Grand Champion BBQ (Grand Champion BBQ) at Krog Street Market (there are 3 locations in Metro ATL) is an indoor, Food Court type set up. What are they gonna do, fire up a pit in the middle of a market and CO the duece out of everyone?!?!? Not to mention the smoke!!!!

Southern Pride 700

The Southern Pride 700 stainless steel gas and wood-burning smoker

I was at Krog Street Market with the family for my mother’s 70th birthday and she had other genres of food on the brain, but when I saw the sign I knew I owed it to BBQ nation to give it a try. And that I did – and holy smokes (get it?!?!) was I glad I did.

Just 2 days removed from a bad experience at Daddy D’z on Memorial, doubting myself and wondering if I was too hard on them, I hit pay dirt that reminded me what pulled pork is supposed to taste like. My father, who has a GI-NORMOUS smoker/grill on property for our Annual 4th of July cookout and knows how to cook a pork shoulder, agreed. Juicy, flavorful (sauce? I don’t need no stinkin’ sauce!!), perfection. And they threw in some sausage just for fun – yeah buddy!

Grand Champion BBQ

G.C. BBQ at Krog Street Market

Just found out there is a Grand Champion BBQ just minutes from my office in Crabapple. Not sure if they use the Southern Pride 700, but these people clearly know what BBQ is supposed to taste like so I’m going as soon as can round up a crew – I’ll let you know how it goes.


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