Smoking is better when you don’t have a family???

As bad as that sounds, it’s sort of true. Now I have an awesome family, but I mean, what’s the biggest key to smoking wings or pork? Yep – time. If you have it down to a science and you have a cooperative smoker, cooperative weather, and nothing else that could possibly mess you up, you can get the result you are looking for. But when dinner is at 6:30 and you aren’t around the house all day… well that’s pressure if your day doesn’t go the way you want.

Today it worked out for me. As I said, I have a family, but they weren’t in the mood for smoked meats tonight. So wings and St. Louis style ribs were on the menu, and I was only cooking for me (wife and son wanted salmon). If it took an extra hour, nobody cared. I could slow cook with no pressure. And everything worked out just right. A little Fox Brothers hot bbq sauce for the wings, and Dave’s Famous Rib Rub and Guy Fieri’s Kansas City BBQ sauce for the ribs, and all was right with the world.

St. Louis style spare ribs are nice and meaty.

St. Louis style spare ribs are nice and meaty.

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  • Agreed brother Fixins. You forgot to mention that when you’re just barbecuing for yourself the pressure is also off for the results of the time invested. With fam, if you spend all day on it, it better be the best thing they’ve ever eaten. Especially if it took one hour longer than it was supposed to and you got some “hangry” women circling the wagons. Fishing is about the same now that I think about it.