Pig and Pearl

A scheduling mix up left us scrambling for a BBQ spot in the city. Siri sent us to the Pig and the Pearl in Atlantic Station. How did this last minute back up plan hold up?? Let’s see if you can guess where I’m going with this. The Pig and the Pearl is an upscale looking restaurant in a metro area where you can also order octopus salad and grilled crab legs. Can’t you just smell the smoke already? Me neither.

The Breakdown:

Apps and drinks– Lots of craft and local beers on draft, definitely a plus. For apps we ordered Pimento Cheese Croquettes and Pork Rinds. The croquettes were good, but saying deep fried cheese is good is kind of redundant. Not overwhelming, just whelming.  The pork rinds were still crackling when they hit the table and came with optional buffalo sauce and blue cheese. Overall, apps and drinks were good.


Just the basics in a place that was anything but basic

Food- I have to admit, sitting outside next to a valet stand made me very skeptical about the authenticity of the pulled pork. I was initially surprised to see a plate of pork with real bark. I was hoping it wouldn’t be from a crock pot, or perhaps steamed along with the oysters. As much as I wanted to be proven wrong, there’s just no faking true smoked meat. It had an odd almost waxy consistency and tasted more roasted than smoked. The mac and cheese had nothing to it. Not creamy, not salty, not smoky. It was just along for the ride.

Value– a little on the higher side for BBQ, but about where you’d expect it to be given the metro location.

Best for– Date night where you just want some beer and fried cheese but she’s in the mood for oysters and Salmon cakes.

Overall, 2.5 cleavers. The bar was set pretty low and yet I still walked away disappointed.

2.5 Cleavers