Old Navy Reindeer Shirt

Old Navy is a Cut Above this Season

Milling through Old Navy and what to my wondering eyes should appear but the Brothers In Slaw inspired t-shirt with select cuts of reindeer.  On loins, on brisket, on ribs and round.  I can’t smoke this thing until some applewood I’ve found. To the top of the smoker that reindeer butt went.  I put on some baked beans and off to sleep I did went.  18 hours later I awoke from my slumber to sample the fare.  I ate every morsel and made a coat with it’s hair.  It was so delicious that virile beast that I used it’s antlers to pick my teeth.  Now I’m no poet but I know what I like.  Reindeer with slaw is just out of sight!


Merry Christmas!

Old Navy Reindeer Shirt

How to grill or smoke reindeer.