Movin’ to the Country, gonna eat a lot of… BBQ – Review of Wyatt’s Country BBQ

There is fancy BBQ and there is the down and dirty. Each has their place in the BBQ universe. Today I tried Wyatt’s Country BBQ on Memorial Drive in Kirkwood. I don’t know their history but it’s obvious they have plenty of it. Lots of old battle scars in this place. Located at a busy intersection off the interstate and painted bright yellow and green, the ancient, caboose-sized kitchen is easily seen by thousands of passing cars on any day.

There are no dining room or picnic tables. The kitchen is narrow, leading to a brick pit at one end. There you can see loads of ribs being roasted by wood fire and smoke. The only meat they serve is ribs. You have to ask what sides are on that day.  Every meal comes in a Styrofoam box made to go. So I took it home.

My creamy mac and cheese and bold turnip greens were excellent. The big ole pile of ribs tasted wonderful too but they were cooked too fast and too hot. That means that they were tough and really stuck to the bone. But their flavor was smoky, complex, and “just right.” The BBQ sauce was the familiar, tomato-tangy-sweet variety that was quite good. The buttery cornbread was worth eating. At just over $14, it was a little steep, but hey, they brought their country cooking to the city.

I wonder if I could reheat these ribs on slow and low heat at home to make them tender. It might be worth trying!

But for now Wyatt’s get 3.5 cleavers for no place to sit and for cooking their ribs too damn quick.

3.5 Cleavers