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Do you have what it takes to be a “Brother In Slaw”?

You may bleed BBQ sauce but it takes someone willing to go beyond the “loner” mentality of most pit masters.  You see, a Brother In Slaw is someone willing to share their expertise, admit their failures, and ultimately propel the brotherhood to heights of BBQ bliss that only our rising smoke has seen.  Join now and never BBQ alone again.

How to Join

The coveted Brothers in Slaw cleaver lapel pin.

The coveted Brothers in Slaw cleaver lapel pin.

It’s pretty simple really, but we do have some requirements before you can earn your cleaver lapel pin.

  1. Join this website.  Become a registered user and contribute by commenting on posted articles.
  2. Attend 3 meetings. You must attend 3 meetings (no time limit).
  3. Contribute 1 BBQ joint review, personal recipe, or story for us to post.

That’s it!  3 simple steps to becoming a “Brother In Slaw”.  Once you are initiated you can proudly wear our cleaver lapel pin to let the world know your love of BBQ and brother.



Membership Benefits

  • Learn from the best pit masters around or mentor a brother
  • Meet new people who share your same passion
  • Monthly lunch meetings at a BBQ joint
  • Special events
  • Freebies
  • Taste tests
  • Restaurant tours
  • Meet some of the area’s greatest chefs
  • Other perks we haven’t even thought of yet…

Become a registered member of the website and get started enjoying your BBQ experience. You aren’t alone anymore – the brotherhood is here to help!