Jack My Smoke! A review of Smokejack in Alpharetta

Brothers Porkfat, Fixin’s, and Nomad got together for an impromptu tour of Smokejack‘s diverse offerings of meat.  Not a bad way to spend a Thursday and in the end we were rewarded for our efforts.


Brother Pork Fat

Pledge Pork Fat’s Pontifications

We strategized over the menu while destroying 2 orders of their wings, and our plan of attack was a combination meat plate that allowed us to sample 5 different smoked meats:

Ribs X 2 (baby back and St. Louis)

Burnt Ends


Pulled Pork

5 meats and 4 sides for a very reasonable price!

5 meats and 4 sides for a very reasonable price!

You can tell they are confident in their wings and they’re only offered 1 way, smoked and then quickly fried with a hint of sauce at the end.  They do a great job and it is worth a trip here just for the wings.

I’ll be brief on the meats as we tried such a wide variety but my favorite were the baby back ribs, although I did hear a different opinion from across the table so perhaps there were some inconsistencies.  This is not unheard of given the lower fat content on this cut of meat. Regardless, they had a nice dry rub on top and an ideal texture. My ideal rib doesn’t require sauce and requires a small amount of chew to separate from the bone and Smokejack‘s delivered in both regards.

Besides that highlight the other meats were pretty good. The St. Louis ribs had a similar flavor but didn’t stand out as much. The chicken was all white meat but still quite moist which is not easy to do, which is why I tend to go for the dark meat. The weakest effort I thought was the pulled pork as it was slightly dry. I’ve had good pork here before so I’ll give them a pass as when it comes to BBQ there are few places that get everything  right every time.

3.5 meat cleavers!

3.5 Cleavers


Brother Nomad

What you got, Brother Nomad?

Smokejack = good bbq!!!!

We had a giant meat plate with 4 sides that was actually very affordable! The best part were the smoked/fried wingies. I loved the sauce and they have good blue cheese.

Amazing wings!!!!!

Amazing wings!!!!!

My 2nd favorite were the burnt ends. You can’t get these everywhere because of the extra time and attention that they require, but these were little bites of melt in your mouth, double-sauced, triple smoked heaven. The only problem was we couldn’t eat more than a few of these cuz they are so intensely flavored.

The spare ribs were probably my third favorite; they had a lot of rub, but it wasn’t overpowering. To round it out, the baby back rib was okay, but like Brother Fixin’s I think I got the end rib that was thin and overcooked. Lastly, I didn’t eat the quartered chicken because I was so infatuated with the wings. I didn’t try the pulled pork because my fat friends were too quick on the draw.


Tomato based sauce was a good basic sauce but nothing to right home about. It was actually a little too molasses-y to me. The vinegar sauce had a hint of balsamic that made it taste really strange to me. They rounded out the sauces with an Alabama white sauce tasted like mayo something else barely discernible. I wondered if they forgot to add anything else to it.

Regardless, we will go back soon. I think Brother Fixin’s is now addicted to the wings.

3.5 meat cleavers!

3.5 Cleavers


Brother Fixin's

Brother Fixin’s’ Review

I don’t have that much to add – those wings at Smokejack are fantastic! Brother Nomad is right – I think I’m addicted! And I’ve never had burnt ends before. But I can guarantee I will have them again. The best thing I had, though, were the St. Louis style ribs. They were perfect. Excellent flavor, cooked, perfectly . . . mmm, mmm, mmm!!!! Can’t wait to go back again. Soon.

4 cleavers!!!

4 Cleavers


  • How is it that I’ve never heard of Smokejack? I’m glad my brothers made me aware of this establishment and I will certainly patronize it soon!

    I’ve never had “burnt ends” either! Tell me more about how these are made and why you won’t usually find them in other bbq joints.

    Thanks for another great and insightful review!


  • They are in serious need of updating their website. Put your Thanksgiving orders in now?