Greater Good Gracious!

Pledge Squishy's Sentiments

Brother Squishy’s Sentiments

A new BBQ joint recently opened in my neighborhood so I grabbed the family and we moseyed over for some lunch. This is Greater Good BBQ’s third location in metro Atlanta. They built this building in an area of town that is enjoying some decent development lately. Since it is now a chain, will the quality suffer? Stay tuned!
We brought along Duke, who is our lovable 100+lb boxer/lab and found a table on the patio. The family ordered non-professional-BBQ-reviewing items from the menu while I ordered my usual. Interestingly both the ribs and the brisket had options. Ribs come either with or without sauce and the brisket either sliced or chopped. I ordered a plate of dry ribs and sliced brisket with collards and mac-n-cheese. We were there on a Sunday so I had to wait 15 minutes (until 12:30) for my Fat Tire ale. It gave me time to take a couple of pics of the restaurant. As I was snapping away, the manager asked me if I was a member of the media and I told her, “No ma’am, I’m a musician,” as I walked back to my table. Maybe I’d seen the Blues Brothers too many times.


Our food came quickly except for one order of chicken fingers and tots, for which the server said all the right things and brought out the missing order soon after. Mrs. Squishy’s pulled pork sandwich was massive! It tasted fresh, tender and had a hint of smokiness. She approved, which is better than I’ve been doing lately.
Both boys’ tenders baskets were quickly consumed which is a good sign, I suppose.
My brisket was excellently prepared. It was tender, just the right size of fat strip, nice layers of colors and hot! Three dill pickle chips garnished the slices. It was some of the best brisket I’ve had in Atlanta.
The dry ribs were a decent portion, tender (with just the right “pull” that we all like) and had a sweet rub that complemented the hot and sweet sauce combination. Mrs. Squishy approved as well. Speaking of sauces, they also offered a Carolina vinegar and their own signature sauce. Fancy!
The collards had some heat, lots of meat and were not overcooked. The mac-n-cheese was good. It could have been excellent, but everything else was so flavorful, it was just kinda there. You know?
A nice touch was the grilled texas toast. It was warm, crunchy and soft at the same time.
Duke liked the fat strips from the brisket. He could tell the slow smoking process really brought out the flavor.


Overall, I was impressed with Greater Good BBQ. The cool vibe, the expertly prepared BBQ, good beer selection, comfortable patio, and excellent in-town location were all hits.
I think the new Greater Good BBQ in East Lake is going to enjoy many years of success. I give this experience 4 cleavers!

4 Cleavers