Daddy D’z? Or Daddy Z’z?

For our first official review, I was excited to give Daddy D’z BBQ on Memorial Drive a try.  I’ve passed it a few times, and it certainly looks the part – old concrete building, stood the test of time, campy pictures painted on the wall, looks like it’s falling apart . . .

Looks like a BBQ joint to me!

Looks like a BBQ joint to me!

Once inside I was feeling the love – nice little front room with picnic tables and open windows felt right. We actually sat in the “main” room at a booth though.

The waitress (Debbie??) was great, and we started by asking what they are known for.  “Ribs” she said immediately “and our pulled pork”.  I asked about the fixin’s too, and she said their mac & cheese (yawn: who can’t make that?) and brunswick stew are good, black eyed peas, and they have fried zucchini that is “out of this world” (interesting . . . ).  Perfect – they have a sampler platter that includes ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, bbq bites, and a side (we went with the fried zucchini), and ordered a separate brunswick stew which also came with a side (black eyed peas). For our bread we chose the cornbread over the Texas toast (I mean, duh!!!!)

The brunswick stew was fantastic! Meaty, some veggies, great flavor – some of the best I’ve had. Not watery, and the meat was in chunks, not diced to death. The cornbread was good, too, although I prefer it with some whole corn in it. This was pretty moist, though, and buttery, with just the right amount of sugar (not much at all, but I do like to taste it a little!!!) Unfortunately, by this point I didn’t realize that I had already had the best of the meal.

I don’t want to be negative about Daddy D’z because I did enjoy the overall visit – but we are trying to find THE BEST, and today this just wasn’t it. It was a sleepy meal with no bbq that really grabbed me. Kind of “zzzzzzzzzzz.” The ribs were sort of good (they were actually cooked perfectly), but they just didn’t have much flavor in my opinion – where’s the smokey? Sauce was needed to give them flavor. We didn’t get the best part of the pork or brisket (we got the “stringy” stuff), and they, too, lacked pizzazz. I was surprised that they weren’t more moist.  I did enjoy the bbq bites (pulled pork in a fried wonton) – very creative and with a little more meat and seasoning in them would have been the meat highlight.

The meat was "ok" - cooked pretty nicely but needed some seasoning

The meat was “ok” – cooked pretty nicely but needed some seasoning

As for the sides, the fried zucchini was good, and the black-eyed peas were cooked perfectly, although less salt would have been nice.

All in all, a pretty good first experience, but I would have liked more originality in the seasoning of the meats. I am looking for bbq to make me say “now that’s what bbq is supposed to taste like!” On this particular visit, I’d say “now that’s what bbq is supposed to look like.”  I’d give it 2.5 out of 5 pig tails if I could, but I’ll round up because the stew was THAT good. 3 out of 5. Plus the coke was special . . .


I don’t give up, though – I’ll be back – everyone can have a bad day. Looking forward to next time.

Still thinking about that stew . . .

Still thinking about that stew and cornbread!

See you November 6 at our next BBQ joint – not sure where that is right now, but you’ll know we are coming.

– Brother Fixin’s