B’s Cracklin

B’s Cracklin’ is located in a fairly residential part of Atlanta, which gives it a neighborhood feel which works well for BBQ. As soon as you walk in, you are right in line at the lunch counter. I was optimistic about the food since the place smelled great and the staff was friendly. Squishy and I took two different approaches to our order. I wanted to compare their pulled pork sandwich to everyone else’s. Squishy asked them straight out what they were best at. Even though she said they take pride in their brisket and ribs, I was sure the pork was still going to be good. Squishy also hooked up the table with some pork rinds.

As we waited, i checked out the sauces. Each table only had two kinds, Spicy Vinegar and Peach Mustard. That’s it. No tomato based, no molasses. I was really hoping the pork would stand alone and not need much because I wasn’t impressed with the choices. My uneasiness soon faded when the pork rinds came out. I’m typically not a rind guy, but these were the best I’ve had. Very light and crispy, you’ve never guess that they were deep fried fat. When my food came out, it looked great:

The large side of Mac and Cheese was pretty good. Not too creamy, with lots of crispy cooked cheese on top. I liked the BBQ beans as well, but it made me wonder why they use a more traditional KC style BBQ sauce for the beans but not for the table. So far so good, all i had left to do was try the pork and I’d be on my way to good review. One bite and I could see why they didn’t mention pork as one of their specialties. It had an odd consistency to it and it was a bit dry. This is where i really could have used a good sauce to salvage it, but my only options were the Carolina Duo of vinegar and mustard.

The talk around the table was polarized around menu selections. Anyone getting pork was unimpressed, while the ribs and brisket guys thought we’d found a hidden gem.


3.5 Cleavers

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