Big Shanty in an Old Shanty Town

I’m almost embarrassed to admit I found this place on accident. A former top ten Atlanta magazine BBQ joint was in the next town over and I never made my way out there. It’s an old shack on the side of the road with a huge smoker out front. Still reeling from the Pig and the Pearl incident, I knew i had to get back to my roots and try some authentic smoky goodness. Inside, it was a typical no frills picnic table kind of establishment. The menu had all the classic, with what i thought was an interesting change. For pulled pork, you have the option of Inside Pulled or Outside Chopped. I like both and got the combo, but it’s good to know you could go all Bark if you want to. and as you can see, it’s all a decent value too.

The Food:

The menu had a choice called Steve’s Sampler which has ribs, brisket, sausage, pork and two sides. If I ever find myself on death row awaiting execution, I think I’ve found my last meal request. Until then, I stuck with the pork and ribs.

Everything was fantastic. The pork had a great Hickory flavor with a nicely crusted bark. It was great by itself and probably didn’t need any sauce, but the homemade BBQ sauce added a nice touch. Very well balanced- not too sweet, spicy, or vinegary.

The ribs had a perfect rub, just a little spicier than the pork, and they were juicy enough that I don’t even think i added any sauce. The mac and cheese was very creamy and mild. all it needed was a little salt and pepper.

Overall: 5 out of 5

This place is the textbook example of a great southern BBQ establishment. Nothing fancy at all, and you can tell they love what they do. You’re probably not going to impress a first date at a place like this, but if you do, hang on- she’s a keeper. This place is the real deal.

5 Cleavers