A picture is worth . . . what the???

Brother Cracklin’ and I hit up a local BBQ joint the other day for lunch. Unfortunately it was so bad it isn’t worth a review. But they did have an interesting mural. Still scratching my head over this one. A free bbq sandwich if anyone can tell me which BBQ restaurant west of the city boasts this unusual wall art.

One comment

  • This mural tells the story of “Porkahaunches”. The only survivor from a Sioux Indian tribe extinguished by that #%^#! Yankee Sherman. She was raised by a herd of wild hogs (I don’t know why the artists drew wolves) along the banks of the Ocmulgee River and grew up to be the first woman pit master. If you listen you can often hear her voice in the 12th hour of smoke. “Barbecue peace pipe of white man.” Some details have been lost over the years but that’s the jest of it. Mystery solved!